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Personal Loans

Do you want to add that extra room to the house, or are you looking for a new home? Maybe it is a car, the kids are ready for college, or you just need a vacation! Are you finally ready to start that new business? FNB offers a wide variety of loans to meet the needs of consumers.

FNB lends for a variety of purposes, here are some examples:

  • Automobiles (new and used)
  • Boat and recreational vehicles (new and used)
  • Real Estate Loans - purchase, refinance, equity, construction and development
  • Home Improvement
  • Bill Consolidation
  • Line of Credit
  • Letter of Credit
  • Fixed Asset Acquisition

Call one of our Loan Officers at 918-426-0211 for details.

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Instant Issue Debit Cards

Get a debit card as soon as you get a new account. 

No more waiting for your new debit card!